Crane Modification and Upgrading

Keeping up with new technology and systems does not mean discarding your old equipment. That is why we offer crane modification and upgrading to help businesses sustain their operating costs and expenditure. The benefits of crane upgrading, refurbishment and modification are plenty:

  • Increase equipment lifespan
  • Using pre-existing components and steel structures saves material
  • New more efficient next generation components are used to replace old, worn-out parts
  • Parts are available through an efficient global service & distribution network
  • Top performance by trustworthy & comprehensive modernization solutions
  • Smaller loss of valuable production time as well as lower maintenance costs
  • Testing and planning programmes for modernization
  • Complete machinery and electric systems
  • Extensive range of ABUS standard products to minimize shutdown time
  • Lower replacement cost as compared to purchasing a brand-new equipment
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Upgrade to latest crane control methods
  • Flexible & speedy supply of spare parts
  • Analysis & inspections for cranes, regardless of type & manufacturer. Hence the ability to refurbish the equipment as and when recommended by the original equipment manufacturer
  • Dedication to help our customers’ business by boosting productivity & lowering downtime
  • Schedule and carry out the modernization projects economically and compliantly
  • Equipment operating for more than 10 years is more likely to breakdown and cost more to maintain and repair. Thus, crane upgrading and modification becomes a more affordable and viable solution.
  • Equipment being used beyond the original design duty, thus requiring complete overhauling and major repairs
  • Equipment that may have been constantly overloaded, thus requiring major repairs which sometimes are economically not viable

We are ready to provide a customised solution for you!


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