ABUS overhead travelling cranes lift loads of up to 120t making them the ideal solution for particularly demanding tasks and great spans. ABUS overhead travelling cranes come in four distinctive systems to suit different applications and requirements:

  • Single girder overhead travelling cranes
  • Double girder overhead travelling cranes
  • Underslung overhead travelling cranes
  • Single girder wall travelling cranes

Single Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes

A wide range of connection variants for optimum adaptation to local conditions and very high hook positions possible.

Load Capacity: Up to 16t
Span: Up to 39 m  (Depending on load capacity.)

Double Girder Overhead Travelling Crane

Easy to install accessories like service platforms or crab units with walkways.High cross and high travel speed possible.

Load Capacity: up to 120 t SWL
Span: Up to 40 m (Depending on load capacity.)

Underslung Overhead Travelling Crane

The crane track is mounted directly on the factory ceiling.
Efficient material handling solutions in tight spaces with difficult design conditions.With minimum side approach dimension and cantilevers to suit individual conditions, which makes the full use of the space available.

Load Capacity: Up to 8 t SWL
Span: Up to 425 m

Single Girder Wall Travelling Crane

Designed for operation on a lower level beneath a large travelling crane system.Wall travelling crane can serve several working stations at the same time.

Load Capacity: Up to 5 t SWL
Span: Up to 12 m

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